Firebreather Core by Firebreather Marketing

A Simple and Effective Website Solution for CrossFit Affiliates

Firebreather Core by Firebreather Marketing

A Simple and Effective Website Solution for CrossFit Affiliates

trusted by brands Like

Trusted by Brands Like These

Your Website Problems,Sovled.

We don’t just build websites, we solve problems. Here’s how…

Simple in all the right ways

We believe that having an awesome website doesn’t have to be complicated. You won’t find yourself paying for a bloated suite of tools you don’t need or use. Our websites don’t blast you with notifications or assign you daily tasks. We’ll build you a beautiful, on-brand, website that works. Simple as that!

CrossFit Pilchuck Website

Changes Made Easy

When it comes to the content on your website, there will always need to be changes over time. Whether it’s adding a class or removing a coach, keeping content up to date is simple. You can easily make changes using our intuitive interface, or just assign as task to us and we’ll do it for you.

Slate Strength Website

Need Photos? No Problem.

We believe being authentic is essential in attracting your target audience, and photos are a great way to do that. But good, high quality photos of your members aren’t always easy to come by. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Not only do we offer excellent photography packages designed specifically for CrossFit gyms, we also offer photography at cost when you use our web services.

CrossFit Fort Vancouver
CrossFit Treeline
CrossFit Sled Push Photography
CrossFit Deadlift Photography
CrossFit Community
CrossFit Open Photography
CrossFit Treeline Athlete
CrossFit Photographer
Molly Hitt
Can’t say enough good things! They know the fitness industry, they know marketing, their design and execution are always excellent, and their customer service is above and beyond!

Molly Hitt


Our TeamKnows CrossFit

We're not just web designers, we're a Powerful Blend of athletes, coaches, owners, and Digital Marketers

Bart Griffin

Bart Griffin

Owner - Marketing Specialist

Longtime CrossFit Member and Digital Marketer for affiliates since 2015

Jeff Duncan

Jeff Duncan

Account Manager & Consultant

Marketer, Photographer, Dog Dad, and 9-year Owner of CrossFit Pearl District

Kari Markham

Kari Markham

Executive Assistant & Advisor

Fitness Enthusiast, Trail Runner, Watersports Aficionado and Digital Marketer since 2017

Sarah Griffin

Sarah Griffin

Owner & Advisor

L2 Coach, Former Gym Manager at CrossFit Advantage, Mother of Four

See What We Can Do

Let's Look at Some Examples

Here’s a side by side comparison of our work vs others

CrossFit Industrious Web Design

Before & After

Industrious | Work Hard. Live Fit.

This project included a complete overhaul of the Industrious brand, moving to a more neutral color scheme with a minimalist, modern feel.  For the website redesign, we added tons of high quality photos assets, alternating light and dark contrast, with minimal copy and lots of emphasis on culture.

CrossFit Advantage Web Design

Before & After

CrossFit Advantage

We worked closely with CrossFit Advantage through a massive branding overhaul, complete with new colors, logos, slogan, and a completely new website build. We added social proof through testimonials, and a brand new sales funnel starting with crystal clear calls to action.

Burgener Strength Weightlifting Web Design

Before & After

Burgener Strength

We had the opportunity to work with the Burgener Strength team to refine their logos, revamp their website, incorporate branded map functionality. We also created new, on-brand landing pages for their core products and for their CrossFit Mayhem co-branded products.

Bart and his team are absolute legends!

Beau Burgener
Their attention to detail is incredible and they go above and beyond with everything they do. They’ve built us a website, put together brand packages, created epic marketing pieces for our social, and the list goes on. True professionals in everything they do!

Beau Burgener

Burgener Strength

Let's Talk!

Schedule a Free Discovery Call to See If We're A Good Match

During the call, you’ll speak to us – the actual team of designers and marketers you will be working with, not a sales person. We’ll learn more about your gym, your vision, and give you honest insight as to how we can help.

$ 249
  • We Build It
  • We Design It
  • We Host It
  • We Maintain It
  • We Secure It
Firebreather Core by Firebreather Marketing

What's Included

We've got you covered! Here's everything you need to succeed, all included.

Brand Consultation

We set up an initial meeting to deep dive into your brand identity. We want to learn who you are and what you’re all about so we can build your website to attract the right kind of members.

Web Development

If you can think it, we can do it! Our team has the power to custom build just about anything when it comes to your website. Let our development team work their magic or let us bring your custom vision to life!

Web Design

We don’t crank out templates that all look the same. We work to ensure that your website is modern, attractive, and matches your brand. Whether you’re looking to overhaul your brands appearance or just need to make sure your website’s aesthetic is aligned, we’ve got you covered.


The cost of  hosting is included with your service. We work with the best servers in the world! And always build with the user experience in mind – so having a fast, optimized website is key!


Whether it’s an SSL license (and getting the little lock icon on your website) or it’s licensing the premium plugins it takes to make your website function flawlessly, it’s all included in your service.


Just like anything else, your website needs maintenance over time. Technology is changing faster than every and we work to ensure that your website stays compatible and up to date so that you have maximum up-time.


We pride ourselves in FAST, top notch support. If you need a change, have a concern, need something added or removed, we’ve got your back! Just reach out and our team will jump into action.


In a world where cyber security is becoming more essential by the day, we are pleased to report that our websites reside on some of the most secure servers on the planet. If something were to happen to your website, we have systems in place to get your website back up and running in no-time.


We run daily backups to make sure your website is always ready for company! No need to ever worry that you’ll “mess something up”. Make changes with peace of mind. Everything can be restored with our complimentary backup feature.

Search Optimization

We perform SEO services on your site to make sure that your website is completely search ready! Then we upload a sitemap so that Google and other search platforms index any changes.

100% Satisfaction

We don’t launch and your subscription doesn’t begin until you’re completely satisfied with your website. We launch only once we’ve met your full expectations.

Photography At Cost

Get high resolution, quality images of your members, short, edited, and ready for use on your website, social media, and however else you see fit. All for the cost of our photographers travel expenses!


leveling up your website starts with a simple conversation

Schedule a free Discovery Call

No sales staff here – Speak with the team of designers and marketers you will be working with.

CrossFit Affiliates and Top Fitness Brands Love Working with Firebreather

Here's what they have to say

Kim Andrew Pilchuck CrossFit

Kim Andrew

CrossFit Pilchuck

Firebreather Marketing does a fantastic job of managing our website. Not only are they creative and forward thinking they are also extremely attentive to their customer’s needs. Firebreather marketing is a huge asset to my business and its continued success!

Bethany Looney CrossFit Advantage

Bethany Looney

CrossFit Advantage

Bart at Firebreather Marketing does an amazing job at all that he does. He is so creative, helpful and always delivers with your wants and needs. He thinks outside the box for what would be best for you and your company. He is very fast and organized. I highly recommend working with him, you wont regret it!
Bret Gibson Industrious West Seattle

Bret Gibson

Industrious West Seattle

Firebreather Marketing is top notch, elite, best of the best! Bart and the team are so talented, great communicators, and a blast to work with. I enjoy our meetings together and am always so blown away by their work!
Jamie Cantu Kirkland CrossFit

Jamie Cantu

Kirkland CrossFit

Working with Bart and team allows me to focus on other aspects of business while they spearhead my marketing goals. Firebreather Marketing brings new and fun ideas, with clear plans for manageable execution! So happy to be working with them!
Anton Foss CrossFit Advantage

Anton Foss

CrossFit Advantage

The Firebreather team is amazing! They go above and beyond. Super professional, great creativity and application, simple applicable timelines and material for social media, and always reachable.
Kyle Vierck CrossFit LEAF

Kyle Vierck

CrossFit LEAF

The Firebreather team came highly recommended, and they have exceeded every expectation! Bart and the team are responsive, professional, helpful and patient.

Our Portfolio

Here's a look at a few more examples of our websites

Absolutely compatible with your favorite industry platforms

Plus more

Showcase Your Brand

Attract your target audience and grow your gym!

Simple As That!

Firebreather Core by Firebreather Marketing

project timeline

An overview of your website project from now until launch!


Schedule a Free Discovery Call

A quick meeting where we learn how we can best serve you. Zero pressure and no obligation to sign up!


Within 1 Week

Onboarding Call

Once you’ve decided to move forward, we set up an onboarding meeting where we do a deep dive into your brand, your goals, and how to best attract your target audience.

Within 1 Week

In 2 Weeks

Draft Preview

Now that we’ve had some time to develop your branding and buildout your website, it’s time to take a look and make sure we’re aligned! During this meeting, we demo your website and get your feedback on where to add the final touches.

In 2 Weeks

In 3 Weeks

Final Review

Typically by week three, we’ve refined your vision and have a final draft ready to review. We’ll grab your feedback so we can add the finishing touches before launch.

In 3 Weeks

Upon Final Approval

Website Launch

Now that we’ve got things completely dialed, all that’s left is launch! We’ll sync up on timing to make for a seamless transition. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Upon Final Approval

Ignite Your Brand!

Schedule a Free Discovery Call to See If We're A Good Match

Kari Markham
Jeff Duncan

A Simple and Effective Website Solution for CrossFit Affiliates