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What is Firebreather Core?

For CrossFit Affiliate Owners who want to elevate their website, Firebreather Core is a custom built website bundle designed to enhance your marketing. Unlike other web design services that build generic, templated websites, we emphasize your authentic branding to target members that fit your culture.

What you get with Firebreather Core

It’s simple. We’ve included everything in one easy bundle to cover all your bases. Firebreather Core comes standard with everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Every Firebreather site is is continuously monitored, updated and maintained by our staff. Need changes? It’s easy to update our sites yourself but our staff is ready to help!

We’re on your team! Every Firebreather account has a dedicated rep looking out for your best interest. Consider us an ally when it comes to your business. We’re here to help you with technical support, product recommendations and share our knowledge of what’s working best in the industry.

All necessary licenses and certificates are provided with your website including SSL. An SSL certificate is an added security measure and protects information that travels through your site including your login credentials. To simplify, SSL gives your website the padlock symbol in your browser’s URL bar and means your site is secure. Secure sites are favored in search results.

The term “SEO” is thrown around a lot… but what does it mean? Optimizing your site for search means it’s built to be search engine friendly, helping your clients and potential leads find you as quickly and easily as possible through free, organic web search.

Your website is protected against hackers, malware and other security threats. Should something happen to your site, we’ll work to restore it back to normal. Your website is routinely backed up on our servers to ensure it stays up and running like it should.

Never deal with confusing hosting or maintenance costs again! We’ve got it all covered under our Firebreather umbrella, which means we take care of the technical stuff so you can focus on your business. We cover all expenses for hosting, licenses and maintenance.

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AlsoIncludedWith Every Website

Gym Marketing Resources

When you sign up for Firebreather Core, you’ll also gain access to the Firebreather HUB which is an ever-growing suite of helpful marketing tools and resources!

Brand Generator Tool

Every good website starts with a clear understanding of your brand. That’s why we created the Brand Builder, which is a collection of tools to help you define, develop and deploy your brand! 

Questions? We've GotAnswers.

You’ve probably got a few questions and we’ve probably been asked them before. So here’s a handful of common ones to get the answers you need so we can get this party started!

Yep, we can direct your domain to your new Firebreather site, no problem.

Your website is a subscription and everything is included with that subscription including the initial design and build of the website. Once you make your initial subscription payment, we get started. You don’t pay again until your website ready!

Sure, we have tons! Please check out our Instagram for examples of our work.

We love to work with CrossFit Gyms. We also work with former CrossFit gyms, future CrossFit gyms, and functional fitness gyms in general.

We don’t work with big-box “globo”-style gyms. It’s just not our jam.

We are a U.S. based company out of the Pacific Northwest, serving gyms globally.

We have yet to encounter one we were not compatible with!

The website is built to be super easy for you to manage most content on your own. Need to add a staff member or post an announcement? It’s very intuitive and easy to do yourself. We mostly manage the technical stuff behind the scenes or handle more complex changes (embedding code, etc.) but our support team is ready to help you with whatever you need.

We can convert your existing site to a Firebreather site but we don’t do any work on sites except for the ones we build through our platform. This is to ensure they are fast, secure, and so we can maintain them from top to bottom.

Yep! If you already have a site, we can import the content (usually) and use that as a starting point for your new Firebreather site.

For an established gym, 2-4 weeks. For a brand new gym, 4-6 weeks. Much of this depends how fast you’re able to get us information and assets like photos, etc. We work pretty quick. Also, we work on a first come, first serve basis so there may be some people “in line” before you.

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JustOne Simple bundle

We keep it simple. We’ve just included all the essentials in one powerful website bundle that contains everything you want and need.

AlsoIncludedWith Every Website

Web Design & Hosting Services
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